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The Other Side of C-Webb

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Jim O'Brien shared his post-Kings experience with Chris Webber. It's not exactly pretty.

Speaking openly about Webber for the first time since he was fired at the end of 2005, O'Brien said before Indiana's game at Philadelphia that the forward was never interested in practice or truly committed to the offensive scheme.

"Webber didn't practice at all that year prior to coming to us," O'Brien said. "He didn't practice at all the previous six weeks. I think he was just at the point where he didn't necessarily feel where he was in need of practice, or could practice, or couldn't practice and play at the same time."

O'Brien said he wanted to actively use Webber, who had lost some mobility and agility after microfracture knee surgery, in the low post to open up shots for three-point threat Kyle Korver.

"He said, 'Coach, I don't do the low-post thing anymore,"' O'Brien recalled. "We just made a major trade to bring in this 6-11 guy and he said, 'No.' I said, 'Yes, you do."'

So Webber didn't practice with the Kings at all in 2004-05, and actually told O'Brien he doesn't do the low-post thing anymore? Beyond our worst suspicions about his... committment at that point. And the trade makes a bit more sense.