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The Clips Could've Had Beno

Things are getting acidic down in Los Angeles, where Clippers owner Donald Sterling has called out Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy. And now there's a Kings angle.

Dunleavy also wanted to sign former San Antonio free-agent guard Beno Udrih, but the Clippers' bean counter, Andy Roeser, decided Udrih wasn't worth the money it would take to sign him.

Dunleavy said he thought Baylor was in agreement on both deals, but couldn't recall for sure. He suggested calling Baylor.

"We discussed those deals and Dunleavy knows that," Baylor said. "Once I knew Maggette wanted to be here and I believed we could sign Maggette [at the end of this season], I wanted to keep him here."

As for Udrih, Baylor said, "It didn't make a difference to me" whether the Clippers signed him.

Fun times!