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Garbage Time is the Best Time

For those who missed it, the game was over midway through the third quarter. How can you tell? The Kings were openly running plays for Mikki Moore.

I miss garbage time. The good kind. Last year, there was some garbage time. The bad kind. When you're losing by 30, so Quincy Douby tosses runaway alley-oops to Justin Williams and Francisco Garcia has 3 blocks in 2 minutes. This was good garbage time. Quincy Douby with a blistered dime to Dahntay Jones for the hair-raising drunken windmill. Spencer Hawes with the murderous hook (which, if you watch the bench, clearly resulted in someone [Randy Brown?] losing money). Francisco Garcia, from the concession line. Douby, from C-Webb's restaurant. It was garbage time, but it was gorgeous.

Y'all pounded it in the game thread, but it deserves extra attention: Seven Kings in double figures. Ron Artest with (a quiet!) 27, Kevin Martin with 19, Mike Bibby with 15, Brad Miller and Beno Udrih with 14, Garcia with 13, Mikki with 10. Brilliant offensive balance throughout. Honestly, Artest was the best King. But Miller and Martin were also brilliant, and I felt Moore, Bibby and Udrih played exceptional. And Francisco... he's the new Salmons. (Sprained ankle, questionable for tonight.)

It's tempting, isn't it?