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Ha Ha Ha Ha - Whaaaaaaat???

This piece via Marty McNeal is my candidate for WTF rumor of the year. Basically, it notes that Don Nelson has had two recent meals at Chris Webber's Center Court Restaurant, so C-Webb could be joining the Warriors at any moment. This rumor is a lot like my last meal at Center Court - it's a small portion but it's still a little difficult to digest.

First, there is the matter of the chasm between Nelson and Webber. These guys supposedly made up some time ago, but it was this dispute that set the Warriors back almost 10 years. Does the time heals all wounds theory apply to the Warriors franchise, too?

Second, there is the small matter of the Warriors running about 300 miles an hour faster than C-Webb's one leg can carry him. The Warriors and Phoenix would have to be the worst fit for Webber. Wouldn't PJ Brown make more sense? I mean, how/where does Webber help this team?

I'm not trying to diss McNeal on this. In fact, he is to be lauded for digging up this little nugget on Don Nelson's dining habits. He did forget to add, however, that Nelson has also been courting Ruth Chris, Frank Fats, and some Italian kid named Pasta Pomodoro.