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Hope You're Not on Peaches' Flight Next Sunday Night

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, and it's 24 Seconds With Grant Napear:

Q: What's the craziest thing you've done travel-wise to get to a Giants game during the basketball season?

A: That's simple. We (the Kings) were in L.A. on a Saturday night and we were in Portland on a Monday night, and the Giants were playing the Rams in the playoffs back in the '80s and I flew all night, got to the Meadowlands, got to the game. That was the game that (the Rams') Flipper Anderson caught the ball in overtime and ran into the tunnel. Then I got on a flight from Newark to San Francisco nonstop, changed planes, got to Portland. I was so upset, I walked (while on the plane) to San Francisco. I didn't sit down on the airplane for 5 1/2 hours. I stood during the whole thing. The flight attendants were really upset. I was in their way. I didn't care. I could not sit down.

"That man has a box-cutter! Tackle him!"