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Solipsism Millionaires

Jan 2, 2008
SAC 107, NYK 97
SAC: 12-18, 4th Pacific, 11th West
advanced box
      Poss     ORtg   eFG   DReb   TOr   FTr
SAC    104    102.9   46%    84%   16%    45
NYK            93.3   47%    79%   20%    28

For those who missed the game (on purpose or otherwise), it was never as close as the final score may indicate. The Kings pulled a semi-traditional swan dive in the fourth and never managed to fret. Once the second quarter was halfway done, the Knicks never seemed to have a chance. For a team with $1.8 billion payroll facing a team seven game under .500 and missed its three best players... sad isn't the right word.

I've written it before, and it should be repeated: No matter how bad things get, at least we aren't Knicks fans. I almost constantly feel like apologizing to my Knickfan friends. At least we have some hope. It might be misplaced in a 19-year-old who's had four knee surgeries and a general manager who's recent track record is somewhere between Billy King and Rip Van Winkle. But it exists.

That's not the case in New York City. Whatever player personnel hope springs is squashed by the reality of whom mans the controls. Until Isiah Thomas gets fired, there's no reason to hope for Knicks fans. Until Isiah Thomas murders someone live on nationally broadcast television, he is not getting fired. How many must die, Dolan? HOW MANY MUST DIE?!!!!

John Salmons for President.