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GAME 44 vs Charlotte, Preview & Game Thread

Oh boy!

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS (18-27)  105.1 ORtg (#21), 109.4 DRtg (#21), 89.6 Pace (#18)
SACRAMENTO KINGS  (19-24)  107.5 ORtg (#16), 110.7 DRtg (#26), 92.4 Pace (# 9)

Each team has a distinct advantage on paper.
  1. Charlotte's point guards have been some kind of terrible. Raymond Felton can't shoot a Red Rider this season, and Jeff McInnis couldn't score at Mustang Ranch. (R.I.P.) Sacramento's defensive issues start at point guard, so you'd think preventing a 25-point outburst from Felton or an efficient 15 points (or so) from McInnis wouldn't be difficult.
  2. Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor might combine for 42 putback dunks. Sacramento's among the worst defensive rebounding teams in the league; Okafor is a killer rebounder on both ends and Crash's always good for a showstopper or three.
Remember that brisk affair last April? I'd pray for another one of those, as someone who likes to be entertained. But a tidy home win to get the Race To Respectability started off correct would be pleasant as well. Oh, also? Andrei Kirilenko, please. (Fascinating diary if you haven't read it.)

7 p.m. germs and madams. Go Kings.