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GAME 31 at Cleveland, Preview & Game Thread

Don't get your hopes up, John Salmons: LeBron James has a sore toe, but it appears he'll play tonight. That always seems to mean the Kings will have trouble beating the Cavaliers.

SACRAMENTO KINGS    (12-18)   101.0 ORtg (#18), 104.8 DRtg (#25), 95.9 Pace (#11)
CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (15-17)   100.2 ORtg (#21), 104.5 DRtg (#21), 93.9 Pace (#17)

Of course, the Kings were missing Ron Artest in November and they almost beat Cleveland. That game was in Sacramento and Kevin Martin dropped 32 points, so... there are some differences.

Things that won't change? The Kings won't get more than a few offensive rebounds, as Cleveland's an elite defensive rebounding team. Sacramento managed seven o-boards in 38 chances in November, a 18% OReb rate. That's about what you'd expect tonight, possibly adjusted if Justin Williams continues to get burn. (?!)

Brad Miller remains a key -- Cleveland's not great on the offensive boards, but they could be against one of the worst defensive rebounding teams in the league. (And yes, they were last time around -- a 35% OReb rate for the Cavs.) If Miller can continue his rebound resurgence, it helps the Kings' chances immensely. These teams should miss plenty of shots, and the team who gets easier buckets (or draws more fouls) should have enough advantage to take the game.

Game's at 4:30. Enjoy, and go Kings.