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GAME 32 at Chicago, Preview & Game Thread

Another night in the Eastern Conference, another winnable game.

SACRAMENTO KINGS (12-19)   105.3 ORtg (#17), 109.1 DRtg (#24), 92.1 Pace (#11)
CHICAGO BULLS    (12-19)   101.6 ORtg (#28), 106.4 DRtg (#12), 90.7 Pace (#13)

Chicago has won more since the coaching change, though observers credit that more to an easier schedule than an epiphany of performance. In fact, as Matt Bernhardt from Blog-a-Bull has written consistently, the problems under Scott Skiles are being replicated by Jim Boylan. Namely: Ben Wallace is being used too much, Andres Nocioni is out of control, and Tyrus Thomas has an incredibly short leash.

Luol Deng is questionable for the game. Without him, the Kings will see tons of Nocioni and Adrian Griffin. John Salmons and Francisco Garcia played a lot of minutes last night; Deng's presence (or nonpresence) is more important than usual given those circumstances.

Depending on how Ben Wallace's legs feel, Brad Miller might often be the best rebounder on the floor (non-Justin Williams division). As good-surprising Miller rebounding has been, Wallace has been bad-surprising. Regardless, statistics say this will be a repeated problem as last night: Chicago gets plenty of offensive rebounds, and Sacramento's terrible on the defensive glass. Sound familiar?

It might come down to stopping Ben Gordon, as it often does against the Bulls. For that alone, Quincy Douby might prove to be more valuable than he's been this season.

Game's at 5:30 pm. Go Kings.