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Copy Cats

Jan 5, 2008
CHI 94 - SAC 93
Sac: 12-20, 4th Pacific, 11th West
advanced box
       Poss   ORtg   eFG   FTr  DReb   TOr
SAC      95   97.9   47%    31   67%    20
CHI           98.9   41%    31   77%    17

Honestly, I should just repeat yesterday's comments: The Kings have little business competing on the road against teams as talented as Chicago given the absence of the entire offense, thus the competitive spirit is beyond encouraging.

Brad Miller had a stunningly good game; you could tell just by watching any one of his plays, no need for the whole group. Last night, you could tell in the first three minutes if you were getting good Brad or bad Brad. More often than not, we got bad Brad. This year? It's more difficult to make snap judgments, because Brad's been finding a way to contribute when his shot isn't falling. That's a good thing, of course, because that means there's much less bad Brad.

John Salmons has had 5+ turnovers in three of the past five games (including seven on Saturday). Kev in Martin never recorded a five-TO game in 17 starters this year.

Every time Justin Williams and Spencer Hawes get on the floor at the same time, an angel gets its wings.