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Mas 3-Wil, Por Favor


From section214's comment in the recap thread:

I think we're still a long way away (if ever) from the opposing teams adopting a "Bustin' Justin" mentality. I use Ben Wallace as the template on this. Wallace has only once surpassed four free throw attempts per game in his career (2004-05), and he did that while averaging 36 minutes a game. This would indicate that opposing teams have not made a habit of willfully fouling Wallace.

I'm incredibly glad Reggie Theus has seen fit to replace Kenny Thomas' minutes with some Justin Williams. That said, we could use some more 3-Wil. He may not fix the rebounding problems himself, but he can't hurt.

Also, a fiction writer could not come up with anything better than Justin having a huge twin brother named Jason. Combined with Dan-Dan Artest, Sacramento's All-Brother team would destroy fools in some tackle football.