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Salmons Questionable, Martin Out, Bibby ...?

So John Salmons turned his ankle and missed Monday's practice, and Sam Amick reports he's questionable for tonight. Brad Miller also sat out with a cold, but he'll play. Kevin Martin hasn't been cleared for full-tilt practices, and probably has another week on the bench.

But Mike Bibby scrimmaged Monday, after practicing at least once last week. No one is reporting this -- it's completely built on a hunch... but if I know Mike Bibby, I think he'll suit up tonight, especially if Salmons is out.

Orlando isn't terribly big in the backcourt. Keyon Dooling and Carlos Arroyo started together in the Magic's last game (Friday against Houston); neither tops 6'3. Beno Udrih's 6'3 and Bibby's 6'2, so I doubt there'd be a matchup problem beyond the lack of defensive acumen the Kings guards already exhibit.

Remember, Bibby came back four weeks early from injury last year. He hates not playing. Coming back one week early wouldn't surprise me, especially considering he's been practicing with the team.

If he doesn't and Salmons sits, I'd imagine Dahntay Jones will slip into the starting lineup.

UPDATE: Amick emails to note Bibby has reiterated he won't be back until Jan. 16. If Salmons can't go, expect Jones.