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Things I Would Like to See in Tonight's Preseason Game Against the Oklahoma City Thunder

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* No injuries, please. Not even for the Thunder. We have collected our pound of flesh (Martell Webster) this preseason, keeping up the decade-long streak of preseason bonebreaking. The un-Sonics, in fact, have been recent victims of our exhibition rampage, losing Robert Swift two seasons ago because of an out-of-control Kevin Martin fast break.

* Brad Miller to Kevin Martin.

* Obviously, we would all like to see Spencer Hawes be a bit more successful. Many of us would prefer he venture closer to the rim on offense, and show a touch of patience with the ball.

* Force a few turnovers, please.

* Every time Donté Greene tallies an offensive rebound, an angel gets its wings.

* Please don't foul out, Jason Thompson. Every second of experience counts.

* Bobby Brown joining Martin on the court would be delightful, provided we can watch one fast break materialize during said episode.

* I really do want to see a bit of Quincy Douby for selfish reasons, but if he's injured I hope he will not play. No sense in pressing on with a bad set of cards at this point.

What will you be looking for?