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Things I Would Like to See in Tonight's Preseason Game Against Voldemort and the Death Eaters

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* No injuries, please.

* Donté Greene had an opportunity to take some offensive initiative during stretches of the second half on Friday. He remained quiet. For the next few years, his reputation will be based on explosive offense. Let's see some more of that.

* Move the ball! The Kings started well against OKC because the team was able to get some open shots. That comes from controlling the opposing defense, and that comes from ball movement. We haven't seen nearly enough of it yet, though I understand the limitations, given how little Brad Miller, Kevin Martin and Beno Udrih have played.

* Again, I love what Shelden Williams has done so far this preseason. But I do wish he'd attack the rim a little more when he finds himself with the ball inside of 10 feet. It's weird: he's completely fearless when the ball is loose or an attacking opponent has it. When he has the ball, he seems a little timid. Like he's going to have to run sprints if he gets blocked or something.

* Please, no complaints if Udrih sits again. It's preseason. There are five games after tonight. It's probably better for everyone if he sits ... especially Bobby Brown.

* Keep attacking, Francisco Garcia and John Salmons.

* We hear a lot about an up-tempo offense, but the fast breaks have been few. I've seen two lengthy outlet passes, one from Miller and one from Brown. Williams and Jason Thompson have been the best rebounders, so they need to be looking 10 feet or so down the court once they corral the ball.

* Speaking of JT: keep up the rebounds, man. More than 9 per 36 minutes so far, which is fantastic. Rebounding and defense are the things that will get him minutes early this season.

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