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Impressions from Preseason #3

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* In the third quarter, Jason Thompson flashed to the left elbow extended. He put his hands out to receive the pass from Beno Udrih, who held at the top of the key extended. As Udrih went to pass the ball, Thompson instead flashed inside. Turnover. Instead of hustling back on defense, Beno stood in place to yell at Thompson, who did try to hustle back but was completely behind the play. Easy two for the Lakers.

This wasn't shown on the telecast, but Sam Amick captured it:

Udrih stood frozen in frustration while the Lakers went on the break, leading Francisco Garcia to just about rush the floor and shove him back on transition defense while expressing his own frustration with the coaching staff. By the time Garcia and Udrih talked, the swingman took the more-tempered route and a message had been sent.

Thompson made a bad play by committing for only a half-second ... but Udrih made the worse play by allowing an unchallenged lay-up in protest.

Luckily, Udrih had received game-long immunity earlier in the contest based on this orgasmic play.

I will never get tired of seeing Kobe Bryant on his ass.

* It's too bad Quincy Douby is still injured. He came out for a few minutes and led a picture perfect break, leading Jason Thompson with a gorgeous bounce pass. Remember Douby to Justin William, the Garbage Time Globetrotters? I miss that.

* Fast breaks still rare, though the tempo was better in the first quarter. Unsurprisingly, the offense was at its best in the first.

* Spencer Hawes had a really, really strong game. It might have been a fluke, but he looked like the team's best defender in the post, excepting Shelden Williams, who also did really well again.

* Thompson looked far from comfortable, but his line looks fantastic: 15 points on 10 FGAs and 10 FTAs, 8 rebounds in 27 minutes.

* You'd think a lineup consisting of Bobby Brown, Donté Greene at the two, Jason Thompson at the three, Hawes and Williams up front ... that sounds like fun, right? Egads, no. No no no.

* Four factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
SAC 98.0 90.8 40.1% 23.3 33.3 22.4
LAL 95.9 46.8% 26.9 28.9 22.4