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More of the Same

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In lieu of some fluid reaction to competitive game which fell apart when the kids entered, some notes of interest and rash opinions:

* Marty McNeal with some kind words about Jason Thompson's work in between games:

First-round draft choice Jason Thompson can play. His ability to handle the ball and willingness to run the floor can make him special. When he's dribbling upcourt, he looks like a guard, and he's 6-foot-10.

Moreover, he loves to play and has established himself as a gym rat. In fact, had Ron Artest not been traded, there likely would have been major one-on-one games at the team's practice facility both long after practice and after midnight.

Thompson has the type of desire and work ethic in which a team can feel comfortable investing.

* Watching Kenny Thomas get into the rotation while Shelden Williams sits on his hands is among the most gobsmacking decisions I've seen this fall. Luckily, Reggie Theus has shown a willingness to quickly change his mind before: Thomas started two games at the beginning of '07-08; he quickly fell out of the rotation.

* Rick Carlisle thinks highly of Kevin Martin.

* Thompson will learn to score at some point. Remember early last season, Spencer Hawes was missing everything. JT will adjust and start scoring at a better than 30% clip. I'm confident in that.

* Bobby Jackson has been the most discombobulated rotation player this fall. It appears he's still ahead of Bobby Brown on the depth chart, and that's probably right (Brown has been a turnover machine). I wonder how long until there's a challenge, though.

* I think Jerry Reynolds made a "ginger" joke at Grant Napear's expense last night, but it's hard to tell with Jerry. He also said he'd be happy to cross-dress on Halloween, for what it's worth.

* Gerald Green can fly. And shoot, I suppose. I wonder if Carlisle will give him a shot to replace Antoine Wright in the starting lineup.

* Martin and Jason Kidd checked each other most of the night, which seemed odd. Wright and Beno Udrih were the other matchup. Kidd nor Wright did much, but Udrih and Martin both got off to slow starts. I'm surprised Carlisle didn't latch Josh Howard on Martin ... I imagine that will happen in the regular season.

* Deron Williams sprained his ankle, so Ronnie Price could very well by Utah's opening night starter. I love Ronnie Price. He's my favorite Ronnie in the world, with no offense meant to my cousin Ronnie.

* Someone needs to get Francisco Garcia some Vitameatavegamin.

* Spencer Hawes looked great in the starting role. Matching up with Al Jefferson in the opener could be trouble, but Miami's Mark Blount should be a cakewalk.