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Maybe We Do Need Beno After All ...

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Beno Udrih can shoot, Bobby Brown can shoot.

So why is the offense so much better with Beno Udrih vs. Bobby Brown?

Turnovers, simply. The pair have played similar minutes per game. Beno has 1.4 turnovers/game. Brown has 2.6.

It also works out that Udrih gets the ball in the right person's hands at the right place in good time. Brown has struggled doing that; as a result, Kevin Martin went much of the first quarter without seeing the ball. Brown will soon learn passing to Martin will make you look good.

I hate to oversimplify, especially considering basketball is such a contextual sport. But handling the ball against NBA defenses is a much more difficult task than you'd think. Udrih has done it for four years. Brown has done it for seven games. That matters, and that's why Beno is so important right now.

Whither Bobby Jackson? Shooting 32%, that's whither. If his shooting gets back to normal (43%+), he's got to be your #1 back-up guard so long as Francisco Garcia is hurting and Brown is struggling to run the offense. But if Jackson's shooting stays low, then Reggie Theus is damned either way. The team can't win if neither back-up point can play average. All the other back-ups (Jason Thompson, Quincy Douby) aren't good enough to make up the difference.