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Hats Off to Our Distant Hopes: A Review of Previews

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(Below, you will find a collection of links to the myriad previews we have written for your pleasure. Please, let them please you. Mouse over the photo to ascertain the player to be previewed; click the photo to reach the preview. The soundtrack for this review of previews is "Phages" by The Most Serene Republic.)


Bobby BrownFrancisco GarciaDonte GreeneShelden WilliamsBobby Jackson

This town is dead from too much living

Kenny ThomasBrad MillerMikki MooreQuincy Douby

Let's make our ending from new beginnings

John SalmonsJason ThompsonBeno Udrih

Let's raise a barn from strongest of cedar ...

Spencer Hawes

And leave it all to forces of nature.

Kevin Martin