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Thursday Footnotes

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* A slice of Kelly Dwyer's comments from Behind the Boxscore:

On the brighter side, Jason Thompson!!! Kings fans hate me for choosing to shoehorn a lame joke into our Kings preview instead of detailing his role in the rotation, but I'm sure they'll be quite chuffed with the rookie's 18 and 10-rebound debut. He looked great, and polished as well.

* Sam Amick on Thompson's night:

Kings forward Jason Thompson became the franchise's first player to post a double double (18 points and 10 rebounds) in his NBA debut since Jerry Lucas tallied 23 points and 17 rebounds in 1963.

From the same story, Kevin Martin talks about his rough night:

"It's one of them games where I'll forget about it quickly," said Martin, who ended with 17 points. "I cost us a couple buckets. It's just something I'll have to go back and look at on film, because I don't know what was going on there. I think tonight was just on me, personally."

* Spencer Hawes, from the post-game quotes:

"The biggest thing they say, especially with young guys, is consistency. You can't come out one night and do it and the next night not bring it, so I think that's what we're working towards. Doing it on a consistent basis every night."