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A Good Sign for Quincy Douby

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The Bee's Melody Gutierrez has a quick mention of what Reggie Theus is saying about Quincy Douby. It sounds good.

Douby has been recovering from a right ankle sprain since Friday. Theus said Douby's injury followed a great performance at training camp.

"Offensively, we know what he can do," Theus said. "The way we've been playing better suits him. But, defensively, he's been pretty good. It's unfortunate that he twisted his ankle the other day, but he's been good on both ends of the court."

Last year, Douby's defense seemed much more consistent than his offense. His length really bothers the opposing attacker at times, and he had a few nutty blocks on the perimeter. Of course, staying in front of the attacker and making the correct decisions on screen-rolls ... that's more important than getting a piece of one out of every 100 shots. Hopefully, that's the improvement Theus is talking about, because that's what will allow Theus to keep Douby on the floor to work out the kinks in his in-game shooting.