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Happy 'Dump on Spencer Hawes' Day!

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I can't believe I almost forgot the holiday. As is tradition, let us read from the book of Amick:

"Um, Spencer's got to find himself right now," Kings coach Reggie Theus said, measuring his words when asked about Hawes' performance. "He's got to figure out where he's going to be most effective. … We're expecting him to play. He's got to show us that he's ready for that type of pressure." ...

"He doesn't know if he wants to be a shooter or if he wants to be a post player," an exasperated [Beno] Udrih said after Wednesday's practice. "He's saying, 'Hit me in the post,' but then he took like eight shots from outside. He has to decide what he likes to do so we get comfortable hitting him for the shot or hitting him in the low post." ...

"The problem is, he's letting the defense dictate what his game is," [Mikki] Moore said. "He needs to be more determined in what he wants to do. I think he needs to stop thinking so hard and just play, stop trying to impress people and just play." ...

It's good that this stuff is getting discussed early in the preseason of his second year. Better now than in Game 77 two years from now, right? But is anyone else starting to feel bad for the kid?

The most interesting point not quoted above: Udrih is one of Hawes' best friends on the team. That's almost a perfect situation, and Beno -- God love him -- needs to take control if Hawes won't. Beno is the point guard. Beno should be directing Hawes down to the post in these preseason games. I mean, it's clear that the question is rhetorical: everyone wants Hawes to be a post player. And the coach needs to reaffirm Udrih on this.

But again: one preseason game, folks. One game that didn't count, when no one had played with these guys against a real opposing offense or defense in six months. One game should not be causing existential crises. I mean, if we keep up this pace, we're going to hang ourselves before Christmas. And my wife makes delicious snickerdoodles at Christmastime, so let's calm the ---- down.