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For Breakfast, I Think I'll Have a Nice Turnover

A survey of Sacramento's start to the game:

Possession 1: Turnover (Beno Udrih)
Possession 2: Turnover (Udrih)
Possession 3: Turnover (Kevin Martin)
Possession 4: Missed three (Martin)
Possession 5: Turnover (Spencer Hawes)
Possession 6: Turnover (John Salmons)
Possession 7: SCORE! (Hawes)
Possession 8: Blocked (Udrih), Hawes offensive rebounds, Hawes miss
Possession 9: Missed jumper (Salmons)
Possession 10: Miss (Hawes)

That's 10 possessions ... and two points. Lovely start, fellows.

The Kings ended up with a bountiful 77 points in 96 possessions, an adjusted offensive efficiency of 80.2. And that's counting the 30-point fourth quarter in which Quincy Douby ran amok all over stars including Dorell Wright, Joel Anthony and Mark Blount. Only minor excuses hold weight. The game was called extremely tight under the paint (which killed Hawes and Jason Thompson) and loose on the perimeter (which killed Martin). Still, Martin had five turnovers. There's no justification possible.

I can't begin to describe how simply and utterly awful Udrih has been through two games. A total of 12 points, seven assists, 10 turnovers, 31% shooting ... I mean, like what? Randy Foye and Mario Chalmers should not be shutting you down, boss.

Still, the defense wasn't bad. It was pretty good, actually. The Heat had a better than average offensive efficiency (107), but if you account for the numerous bad bad turnovers which led to breakaway dunks for Dwyane Wade (who played excellent ball) and Shawn Marion (who played at a level you'd expect), the Kings performance in opposition was fine. They need to create more turnovers -- use Martin's length to gamble a bit, let Salmons play the lanes a bit in a zone, which has been effective in spurts since preseason. But the overall defense has been decent.

Now we just need Martin to play like he's supposed to, Udrih to wake up from his slumber, and Brad Miller to go back in time and stop smoking weed.