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Options at the Two-Guard With Kevin Martin Sidelined

With Kevin Martin out for at least a week, and Francisco Garcia out just as long, what options does Reggie Theus have? Some of this has been discussed in the injury thread, but here are my thoughts.

1) Start Bobby Jackson at the two. This would certainly force the remaining starters to take on a greater offensive load. John Salmons is capable of scoring in bunches, as we saw during the Martin and Ron Artest injuries last season. Brad Miller is an infrequent 20-point scorer, but he's also limited his own shot frequency, perhaps artificially. Mikki Moore is a low-end option. Beno Udrih's shot creation becomes vital.

2) Start Bobby Brown at the two, and split ball-handling duties between he and Beno Udrih. The problems with starting Brown and Udrih together: neither moves off the ball enough to exploit Miller's passing talents, and neither has a shot at guarding someone like Rip Hamilton. It could work against the Clippers, but not against Detroit. Also, you're going to end up with an Udrih/Jackson combination at some point regardless.

3) Slide John Salmons to the two, and start Jason Thompson at the three. This is my preferred option. I know Jerry Reynolds hates the idea of JT playing any small forward, and I'm not in love with the thought of Thompson trying to chase Tayshaun Prince around the court. But the starting unit's rebounding would get a huge boost (Thompson rebounds like a center), and Salmons/Thompson is a better scoring match than Jackson/Salmons or Brown/Salmons. The Kings have a ton more depth at power forward and center than two-guard and small forward ... so if one of your power forward can legitimately play some small forward and your best small forward is your new best shooting guard, you have to consider it.

4) Slide John Salmons to the two, and start Donté Greene at the three. Pipe dream, I know. But hey, why not? It's not like the starting five's defense can get much worse anyway.

5) Pray Quincy Douby has a miraculous recovery. Yes, Quincy Douby might be our only hope.


I have no question Coach Theus will give Jackson the start, and it may very well be the smartest move as it affects the rest of the rotation the least. Regardless of which way Theus goes (save the miraculous Douby recovery), all the guards and maybe Thompson will see an uptick in minutes. Improved performance from Udrih is the most vital need with Martin gone. All the other scorers are already playing well -- Salmons isn't going to leap to 30 points/game, and Miller can only do so much. Udrih has to step up.