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Game #9: Kings at Clippers

Back-to-back? Eek!

This is a game that would be nice for the Kings to win. If the Clippers want to salvage their season, though, they sort-of need this one ... at least for the spirit's sake. No, nothing this early in the year is a must-win. But any team that fancies itself a playoff contender should beat the snot out of a Kings team at home with extra rest and no Kevin Martin. There's no reason for the Clippers to lose this one.

That makes it fun from our end: really, there's no reason for the Kings to win. Lower expectations means a bigger surprise should things go well. As we've seen with these youngsters: when you have talent, things can always go well. It's not a fluke. It's an unexpected, early benefit of drafting well.

This is all to say: go Kings! Game's at 7:30PM PST.