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Reggie Theus Responds

Reggie Theus responded to Joe Maloof's criticism through a Sam Amick Q&A before Friday's game.

"I'm coming to work with my hard hat on, lights blinking," he said. "That's what I do. Whatever they decide to do, it's up to them. I think if you were putting a checklist together in terms of what we said in the beginning of the season and what's going on right now, I think we've done that. I will be here with my hard hat on, doing my job."

Theus also explained his system a bit -- it's a "a C-action (corner action), high-post, double-high post" thing. (Note: He didn't call it a thing.) And overall, he came off as completely classy if a bit surprised Maloof came at him like this. (I'm surprised, too.) I question Theus as much as anyone, but he really has taken a fresh, likeable stance this season, not throwing his players under the bus or reacting defensively.

Amick also reports that had Theus lost the home opener to Memphis, dropping the team to 0-5, he would likely have been canned.

When the Kings tucked their tails between their legs and headed home from the 0-4 road trip that started the season, the future of their coach was being discussed by the team's front office and ownership behind closed doors.

This isn't just a Maloof thing. And that's not entirely surprising as Geoff Petrie wanted to hire Brian Shaw in 2007 and had to be convinced by his bosses to go with Theus.

At this point, it seems clear the Maloofs do not want Chuck Person at the helm. (Joe absolutely ripped Chuck in that Rise Guys interview.) Kenny Natt couldn't very well ascend to the top role -- he missed the first road trip with chicken pox and has an awful eye ailment right now. Jason Hamm, Rex Kalamian, Randy Brown (oh Lord help us) and (cough) Shareef Abdur-Rahim aren't head coach options. So to fire Theus, the Maloofs and Petrie need to have a replacement ready to come in. For any replacement you'd actually want, there would have to be negotiations and interviews. (I really don't even think the Maloofs would let Person take over for a game, the way Joe said Chuck's name in disgust [twice!] during the interview.) Petrie has a good record of discretion. The Maloofs do not. The second Flip Saunders is called, it will be in The Bee and the Daily Dime.

Meanwhile, Scott Howard-Cooper opens fire on the Maloofs in a blog post I think many of you will agree with. (I do not. Joe didn't demand Theus turn this set into the 2008 Celtics. He demanded three-point defense get better. This is a loooong team. Defending the three-point line comes down to discipline and effective rotation schemes. Theus has had 92 games to get it right, and the Ron Artest excuse no longer exists.)