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Aggression II

Me, last week:

That unending search for identity ... could it be that Theus' motif revolves around taking the fight to the opponent, making yourself the aggressor?

Reggie Theus, today in The Bee:

"Last year when (Udrih) came here, it took me day after day after day of just telling Beno that he has to turn the corner (hard on pick and rolls)," said Theus, who had not decided who would take Moore's spot in the starting lineup. " 'Beno, you have to be aggressive.' I'm consistently telling him that. I told him the other day, 'Beno, you have to be aggressive, you have to turn the corner, you have to probe the defense.' "

Reggie's team will look a lot different once Francisco Garcia comes back. That seems like a weird statement to make, I know. Most of the world sees El Flaco as an overpaid scrub. But he can help make this flag fly.