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Elephants, Man

I don't expect Grant Napear or Jerry Reynolds to get into the pissing match between Joe Maloof and Reggie Theus. I really don't expect the Maloof-paid, Theus-falutin' broadcast team to discuss the job security of the "lame duck" coach 12 games in. I'm a realist, man, and it's not realistic to expect such candor.

Melody Gutierrez is a great reporter -- she does yeo(wo)man work for The Bee as a Monarchs beat writer and Sam Amick's alternate on the Kings tip. I dig her style and work ethic.

Marty McNeal, for all his warts, has a great pulse on the Kings. Consistently.

And yet the Memphis F'ing Grizzlies shot 10-for-16 from three, and crickets. The precise problems Maloof railed on last week, the most specific issue he beat on -- three-point defense -- and the Kings come out against one of the league's worst offenses and allow 10-for-16 shooting and there's nothing about Theus' job security?

It wouldn't be shocking if we didn't spend all weekend in Alpha Lockdown: Theus Death Alert mode. The Bee spent the entire weekend seizuring about Theus, and with good reason. When the guy that signs paychecks rips the least secure employee in public, it's an important note.

I guess I feel it's also important when there is no improvement three games later. It just seems really weird to wake up and have no documentation of the facts at hand. I guess that's our job?