With all the movement out of New York today... (along with an interesting thought from our friends at poasting and toasting) I decided to play with the following trade scenario.



Why would we do this you say?

We are giving up arguably our best post defender in "The Landlord" Shelden Williams. Our energy/hustle/coolnessfactor guy in Mikki Moore and our favorite combo-guard-with-a-uni-brow Quincy Douby.

And getting in return a defensive liability in the post (i.e. Curry) and an undersized 4 man with a great motor and a lot of hustle in David Lee.

I have always had a fascination with Eddy Curry (these days it is more like the fascination with a train-wreck or watching the fat-kid eat 12 doughnuts). He has a massive amount of talent but never seemed to have the drive to really get out on the court and achieve his full potential. I think in a place like Sacramento where we are patient with our ball players and care for them on a level that sometimes borders on sainthood (helllloooooo Bobby Jackson) Eddy could come back around as he is still young. Not to mention that playing for a guy like Theus could be a good thing because Theus always seems to get a lot out of the players. And we have a decent big-man coach in 'Reef.

We get rid of Williams (who I actually like despite his warts I think he could be an asset as a third or fourth big man who can board and play good D ala Haslem) and we do lose our "hustle guy" but we get back a younger better scoring version of him in David Lee. We clear a bit of the wing-jam but do not help ourselves upfront.

What do you guys think?


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