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Time Management

Scott Howard-Cooper has a great point.

*Brad Miller, 35.3 minutes a game.
*Spencer Hawes, 29.3.
*Jason Thompson, 27.
*Mikki Moore, 22.3.
*Shelden Williams, 10.1.

Take Williams, the guy most squeezed by Miller's return from the season-opening five-game suspension and the speedy development of Hawes and Thompson, off the list. That's still four bigs deserving of minutes, a major logjam, and four bigs getting minutes. Quality time management of the roster.

From the impossible position of needing to play veterans to win games and needing to play prospects to get to the future, Theus is making it across the tightrope.

We have lauded Reggie Theus of late for the team's improved energy and a better looking offensive effort, as well as a touch of improvement on defense (first Portland game aside). But his rotations have been especially strong. Maybe Shock got short shrift on Monday, but otherwise the mix has been excellent.