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The Welcome Wagon

Website, yay! Witch hunt, boo!

Shortly before/during/after the Portland games, we were inundated by new members. It was sort of like somebody building a sub-division on that big patch of farmland that had always been behind your housing development. Traffic increased, it got a little louder, some of us greeted our new neighbors while others longed for the good old days.

With most communities, there are growing pains when a community expands. The demand for services can temporarily outrun the provided services, and growth invariably and inevitably increases the number of crimes (if not the percentage) suffered in that area. But sometimes bigger is better (does Sacramento have an NBA franchise if this is 1978?).

This brings me (finally!) to a couple few several points that I would like to make in regards to our ever growing community -

  • New Members  Our new members deserve the same protection as the rest of our citizens. That is, they are innocent until proven guilty. They are not automatically trolls just because we don't recognize them. This is not to say that we live in Paradise - trolls do exist. But if you think you encounter a troll, email TZ or me or give us a chance to research the individual. This may not always solve the problem during a game thread if TZ and/or I are not available. In that case, do your best to ignore the cretin (physician, heal thyself!!!) and try to enjoy the game with the rest of the community. Helpful hint - If you encounter what you think may be a troll, imagine yourself sitting on his/her head and passing gas until the urge to respond to him/her passes.
  • Finding A Voice  Give our new members time to assimilate. I remember that I "lurked" for a few months before I got up the nerve to post, and it took me a while to find my voice and style and pace...and I was a jounalism major! There is a rather high level of intelligence amongst the STR membership, and it is not just KIngs knowledge. This place can be a little intimidating to the new member, especially while they learn the neighborhood (where the FanPosts and FanShots are located and how they differ, how to link, reply, recommend, etc.). New members, be sure to review the "Welcome Guide" for helpful tips. Also, proper spelling and grammar are not a must, but it is always appreciated. The occasional paragraph during long posts is also greatly appreciated. Helpful hint - Saying that Peaches is a tool is like bringing double fudge brownies to the community picnic. It is a sure fire "in."
  • Visitors From Out Of Town  When folks from other websites drop in to offer their opinion, do your best to keep an open mind. They can often bring a fresh perspective, and they are usually here only when their team is involved, unless they also truly have an interest in the KIngs. Again, give them the benefit of the doubt at first while they get used to the new surroundings. That being said, it is our neighborhood and no one is saying that we have to put up with people that have no respect for our community. Helpful hint - Remember, some of these people actually think that Channing Frye has game. Show them some pity.
  • The Occasional Monster Game Thread  This may only occur during Blazers games for awhile, but once a game thread approaches the 500 mark, it begins to bog down (remember the draft threads?). When this occurs, TZ and/or I will do our best to get another thread open, at which time we will post in the original thread that a new thread is open. Helpful hint - Either move to the new thread or stop posting every time the Kings commit a turnover/give up a 3-pointer.
  • Making A Difference In Your Community  We have seen an increase in FanPosts and FanShots since the season began, and that is awesome! Without your contributions this site would be two pet lovers posting stories to each other (and rbiegler tossing in his two cents in between breaks at the state). There are two good rules to remember. First, check the front page, FanPost and FanShot areas before posting your item (especially FanShot items) to be sure that it is not already on the site. Second, try to get the item posted in the proper location. You opinions, your own trade ideas, "yours" goes into FanPost. A link to an article or video, something that was done by someone else is usually better as a FanShot. Helpful hint - If it's yours to boast, it's a FanPost. If it's not, then FanShot. OK, that's more "lame" than "helpful," but you get the idea.
  • CC&R's  The community rules are pretty damn simple. You can park as many cars as you want on the street, leave your basketball hoop out front, don't mow your lawn...we don't care! The only rule is do your best to not make it personal. Disagree with the opinion but don't resort to calling the other community member an idiot just becuase you don't agree with him/her. Of course, this can be difficult if someone suggests a LeBron James for Brad Miller trade and is serious about it, but do your best to rise above it. Also, derogatory and insensitive comments are the surest way to earn banishment from the community. It just won't be tolerated (and this is an area where enforcement may be stepped up, so everyone please be aware). Helpful Hint - Just say no to bigoted comments.

I think that's it. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get my car off the lawn and back on concrete blocks where it belongs.