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... With an Assist From the Worst Defense in the League

Okay, perhaps that's not fair. Minnesota might have the worst defense in the NBA, but we don't know yet. New York's can't be good in the long run. Golden State will probably finish low. Memphis will likely come back to Earth. Washington has looked atrocious on both ends, and Indiana won't be stopping too many opponents. There are a lot of bad defenses, to be sure.

But WOW! that was some bad defense last night!

I think the narrative out of this Kings win (121-109) will focus on some sort of correction from Beno Udrih, a tough performance from an injured Kevin Martin, a fantastic all-around game from John Salmons, and a display of the importance of Brad Miller. Not to be the ant party, but the tremendous offensive output had a whole lot to do with the pitiful Minnesota defense. Stop-n-Pop of Canis Hoopus gets off a good rant about it, and he's right.

To be honest, Sacramento's defense wasn't very good. (Minnesota's offense had a rating of 118 ... way too high.) Sacramento's defensive rebounding was poor, allowing Kevin Love and Al Jefferson to combine for seven offensive boards. That's too many. And perhaps because of a) youngsters and b) a rusty Miller, the Kings are fouling way more frequently than last season. That allowed Love to get 10 FTAs, which hurts.

Still, you'd be crazy not to feel positive about the win. Bobby Brown continued to prove himself worthy of playing time. Spencer Hawes had back-to-back hooks ... with either hand. (The true hook with his right was a masterpiece.) Martin and Salmons combined for 49 points on 43 shots; you can take one being less than perfectly efficient so long as the other hits his marks.

This team can shoot with the best of them. The low number of turnovers was a huge factor in the insane offensive output; if the Kings protect the ball, they should be able to score efficiently. The team will have few nights in which it shoots at less than 43-45%. Beno Udrih: zero turnovers. Bobby Brown: zero turnovers. Bobby Jackson: zero turnovers. The point guards have been making bad turnovers this season, the sort that turn into easy baskets the other way. But the Wolves got almost nothing in transition on Friday, not because of transition defense. It was all the lack of turnovers.