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Game #7: Warriors at Kings

Corey Maggette is doubtful, Al Harrington is questionable. Kevin Martin and Brad Miller are also questionable ... but I assume at least Martin will play. Quincy Douby is out. If Martin doesn't play, Bobby Jackson could start at the two (and John Salmons would probably play 45 minutes).

The offense should be able to function tonight. Demarcus Nelson, Andris Biedrins and Stephen Jackson are good defensive players by reputation ... but the Kings have enough strong scorers to break through. (Also, Jackson's defense is inconsistent, Nelson probably doesn't know the league -- or that Beno only goes left -- yet, and Biedrins is much better off-the-ball than in straight post man defense.)

Without Maggs, Golden State might make Sacramento's defense look better than it is. Let's hope so.

6PM PST on News10 locally. Go Kings.