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More Brad Miller Rumblings

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Marc Stein of

The Bobcats' ongoing attempts to acquire a true big man to partner with Emeka Okafor have led them to propose the return of Gerald Wallace to the Kings, according to NBA front office sources.

The Bobcats, sources said, want Brad Miller in return. But the Kings, I'm told, are highly unlikely to bite. They've had some interest in recent years in reacquiring Wallace -- who has blossomed into a versatile, productive swingman at both ends since he was claimed by Charlotte in the 2004 expansion draft -- but they also have a surplus of wing players at present … too many to take on the four years and nearly $40 million left on Wallace's contract after this season.

Sam Amick responds:

While Wallace is available for the right player in return, I'm told from a source close to the Bobcats that Miller does not fit that bill if it's up to Larry Brown. ... If it's up to Brown, though, he wants a more traditional big who can bang and do damage in the post. On the other side, the Kings aren't looking to take on the $38 million remaining over the next four seasons on Wallace's contract when wing players are far from a problem on their roster. I'd be more inclined to keep an eye on the Chicago situation in which Miller could go there and the Kings would likely have their eyes on Drew Gooden, Joakim Noah, and perhaps Tyrus Thomas.

Amick then makes the case for the plausibility of a Chicago deal centering on Gooden and one of the kids, which includes Jason Levien's ties to the Bulls franchise. (Levien got Luol Deng his $70 million contract this summer.)

Elsewhere in Stein's column, Noah is considered unlikely to be traded and Thomas is said to be less likely to be traded than we'd think.

For what it's worth, Wallace makes $9.5 million per year through 2013. He's only a year older than Kevin Martin, and despite having a rough year-and-a-half he's a stud. You'd have to flip John Salmons almost immediately (or as soon as Martin returns from injury), but I would absolutely support a Wallace acquisition. A perfect complement to Martin, and he'll be better than Salmons every year from here on out. Solid scorer, amazing defender, stud rebounder, decent ball handler and passer.