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Dick Motta must be enshrined!

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You cannot leave Dick Motta out of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

A blast from the past. Still relevant. -- TZ

Scott Howard-Cooper mentioned today that Dick Motta is up for election into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Let me tell you something. If Dick Motta is not enshrined, there will be HELL to pay.

* 935 career wins.
* 14 playoff berths.
* 56 playoff victories.
* One more Coach of the Year award than Jerry Sloan has ever won.
* One more NBA Championship than Jerry Sloan has ever won.

Skeptics might point to his career .479 winning clip, or his 1,017 losses. The truly evil could dredge the fact that in his final six seasons as an NBA head coach, Motta went 127-267, a .322 winning percentage. Haters might note that Sloan has more wins, fewer losses, and a better winning percentage in both the regular season and the playoffs.

BUT COULD JERRY SLOAN WIN THE BIG ONE? I think not! Jerry Sloan is nothing but a choker, just like Rick Adelman, Mike D'Antoni, the entire Van Gundy family, Avery Johnson, Latrell Sprewell, that kid at IHOP who did not chew his sausage link properly, Don Nelson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Jerry Reynolds, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Flip Saunders, Chris Webber, and Kenny Thomas. Them losers don't have the GUTS to get the GLORY and not a one of 'em belongs in the Hall of Fame before Dick Motta gets his statue.

Vote a winner. Vote Dick.