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Monday Footnotes

  • Francisco Garcia, out for the week at least.
  • Scott Howard-Cooper talks Ron Artest trade possibilities. Meanwhile Sam Amick talks to folks inside the team, who indicate they've made up their mind on whether to trade or not. I think we can assume which way that decision's gone.
  • On his blog, Amick mentions two women were... getting familiar during the segment where radio guy (Jim Kozimor, in this case) talks to TV guys. I missed it (three fast-forward arrows when Peaches invades my picture). Anyone see it?
  • Same link, vastly more important: 'Typically, Koz and Grant - who some say haven't spoken unless they absolutely had to in eight years - bend over backwards to avoid conversing during the segment. This time, though, Koz asked Grant a question directly, with Grant remaining silent while Jerry quickly picked up the chatter and the answer after the brief awkward moment. Koz, who broke out laughing as the awkward meter kept rising, ended the segment with a generic parting comment. When he switched back to the radio side, he said, "I'd like to thank Jerry Reynolds for the Crosstalk tonight."' First, Koz verifies the 'Peaches' nickname. Now we find out there's a cold war going on? I need to listen to Koz's show more often.
  • It's hard for outsiders to really have a solid grasp of the state of a franchise. (I know those from writing about other franchises.) But this piece on the quasi-rebuild by Brian Spencer at Empty the Bench is spot-freaking-on. The Brad Miller stuff is particularly cogent, especially this line: "Can the Kings make the necessary roster tweaks to become legitimate contenders before Miller's inevitable decline? And if not, should they give thought to also trading him while his value is probably as high as it'll ever be?" Tough decision by the front office, only made tougher by the lack of options behind Miller. (Free 3-Wil?)
  • One Rocky Mountain News columnist isn't sold on Ron Artest as an answer for the Nuggets.
  • John Krolik has the latest entry in BallHype's Bibliotech series. It's on that seminal 90s hoops book The Last Shot by Darcy Frey.
  • (Kelly Dwyer is back. And he is insulting lazy baristas.)