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ESPN's Sheridan With a Ton of Artest Rumors

Chris Sheridan's ESPN trade deadline preview has a ton of rumors regarding Ron Artest and the Kings. He starts by saying Artest is the player most likely to be traded, and that the recent rumors are too small -- the Kings are really trying to attach Kenny Thomas' contract to Ron-Ron.

Here are the rumors he offers up:

1. Artest & K-9 (woof!) for Linas Kleiza and Nene.
An interesting combination of previous rumors. It sort of begs the question: Would you take Nene for Kenny Thomas straight up? Kleiza got the edge over Artest is a previous poll... but adding Nene for K-9 (woof!) is a really tough thing to wrap your brain around. Nene makes more money and is signed two extra years. He's recovering from testicular cancer. Also, he has talent and he's under 30 years of age. I cannot endorse this deal without at least two more hours of consideration.

(Also, it'd need the expiring contracts of J.R. Smith and Von Wafer included to work.)

2. Artest & K-9 (woof!) for... Eddy Curry and Jerome James.
An interesting combination of my sixth and seventh circles of Hell. A big man who can't defend or rebound, and a salary sponge signed to a deal one year shorter than K-9's. No, no, God no. Luckily, Sheridan says that one's a no-go.

Other stuff: Kyle Lowry's up for grabs, Denver wants to trade its pick, Denver doesn't want to give up Kleiza. Aaaaaah.