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In Cycles

This will continue to happen until some plan gets etched and screamed from the mountaintops.

Two months ago, this team was a fun team, owing in large part to John Salmons.

Ladies and gentlemen... John Salmons:

No wonder John Salmons couldn't bear to look. Fifteen minutes after the buzzer sounded on the 107-94 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies amid the empty seats of the FedEx Forum, he was still in full uniform, even the headband, sitting hunched over in a chair and staring down at the carpet in front of his locker after most teammates had showered and some had already finished dressing.

He was asked if this was the low point of the season.


About 10 seconds of silence.

"It's a tough loss," Salmons finally allowed.

It's not just our spirits being broken every other night -- the kids (relatively speaking) are dying out there. The uncertainty, it kills Ron Artest, it kills John Salmons, it is killing the team.

Honestly, who wouldn't rather have an overachieving, upbeat 35-47 team instead of a bipolar, talented but underachieving to their potential 41-41 team? Forget hoarding ping pong balls or playing Quincy Douby 30 minutes a night. The team without Artest and Bibby was more fun to watch! Trading either or both wouldn't be giving up today for a brighter tomorrow. It'd be making today a more palatable product.

This isn't to say last night's loss or Saturday's loss or last Wednesday's loss were the faults of Artest or Bibby; both played well last night, in fact. But it's the uncertainty which is stupefying John Salmons; it's the uncertainty that has Ron-Ron on the brink; it's the uncertainty that allofasudden has me questioning if Beno Udrih should ever be more than a backup.

There's been a rejection of "change for change's sake." Trading Ron for a pick and a matching contract wouldn't be "change for change's sake" at this point. It would vastly improve the spirit of this team by letting everyone breath, letting everyone know where they stand. It's no one's fault. But just do something already.