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Parsing Houston

I hadn't the chance to post on this yet (err, busy herding a cat), but The Bee's Sam Amick dropped a bit of a bomb in following up the Chris Sheridan rumors.

As for other possibilities, a dark, dark, darkhorse is Houston. I say that only on intrigue alone - Artest with former Kings coach Rick Adelman again, not to mention Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming and a pairing with Bonzi Wells that worked so well during the 2006 playoff run?!

The Rockets are on the playoff bubble, although they've won 11 of their last 12 games. To my knowledge, the two teams have not spoken. As for what the Kings would want, I can tell you that they are very high on Rockets rookie point guard Aaron Brooks out of Oregon. How high? There was some internal talk in June about shocking the NBA world and drafting Brooks at the No. 10 spot. He was taken 26th overall by the Rockets.

One trade that I'd have to think would make Geoff Petrie do back flips: Artest for Brooks, the expiring contract of Steve Francis ($2.4 million) and rookie forward Luis Scola ($2.9 million and signed through 2010).

The trade works, though I'm not sure how willing Daryl Morey would be to part with both Brooks and Scola -- grabbing Luis from San Antonio was considered a coup, and Houston picked Brooks higher than most expected him to go (which makes the assertion Petrie considered him at #10 rather shocking).

Still. Brooks is averaging 13 minutes a game this month. Scola is roughly the fourth option... when he's in the game, which is about the same as Chuck Hayes. Bringing Artest to town would help Rick Adelman's defense immensely, and Adelman's offense is one which seems to agree with Ron-Ron's freelance game the best. It's not quite a no-brainer for each team... but it's highly thoughtful.

Meanwhile, Morey doesn't seem opposed to making a move despite the team's recent success.

"You can't over-weigh the current play when you're evaluating what to do with the trade deadline," Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said. "You have to take a very dispassionate assessment of how close you are and make the right move that's appropriate for the team.

"We've never felt like we were out of it, so we were always looking for moves to upgrade the team this year. That hasn't changed.

"But we also feel like our future looks bright. If there is a player to be added, we definitely will. There's nothing imminent."

Keep this one on your radar. Unless you don't own a radar. Then I suppose you could just keep it in mind.