Rumor: Bibby to the Hawks?

Has anyone heard of this rumor?

Hawks fans say that it was on a Fox Sports Radio Rookie/Soph pre-game show and that the deal is almost finalized. The rumor is bibby for Shelden Williams, Salim Stoudamire and other fillers (I'm guessing their expiring contracts are included - they have a ton). I know Shelden hasn't proven that he's worth the 5th pick of his draft class and that we could probably get more for Bibby but I wouldn't mind having Williams to man our 4 (he still has time). This also clears Mike's salary of our books.

Also, they are talking about it in this Hawks Blog, although the deal was not stated implicitly. What do you guys think and who would you want from the Hawks if ever there is any truth to this rumor?


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