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Carmelo Really Wants Ron-Ron

The best thing about All-Star Weekend? It's like a giant metaphorical cocktail, lubricating all the potential deals leading up to the trade deadline.

Carmelo Anthony's got tape recorders in front of him, and his opinion on what Denver needs to do slips out. From the Rocky Mountain News' Chris Tomasson:

"I really believe that, if we get Ron Artest, that will make our team a lot more powerful, a lot more stronger, a lot deeper than we are right now," Anthony, a starting forward in the All-Star Game at New Orleans Arena, said about the possibility of the Nuggets acquiring the Sacramento forward.

"Ron Artest, you can't go wrong with him. I don't care what happened in the past and the off-the-court things. . . . On the court, he brings it every night."

Does this sort of endorsement matter if, say, the team were hedging on freeing Linas Kleiza? It's hard to say. Melo isn't quite LeBron James, but unlike Bron-Bron and Dwyane Wade, Anthony signed the full 5-year extension off his rookie deal. He's the franchise, folks. And if he wants something badly, the franchise has to give extra consideration, you'd think.

You know the scenarios. It's a matter of whether they'll happen.