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Atlanta Has Something Cookin'

As kingme noted in his diary, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Hawks beat writer Sekou Smith says a major trade is in the works for the ATL. Mike Bibby, as has long been rumored, makes sense there.

The problem as I see it: Atlanta's major, major tradable prospect (Josh Childress) plays the one position Sacramento has too many bodies. So the other goal of the trade season -- gain flexibility by losing long contracts -- might be the order of business. This deal accomplishes that, saving roughly $4 million this season, a remarkable $15 million next year, and $5 million in 2009-10.

With just this deal, the Kings would be under the cap this summer, and could pay to keep Beno Udrih or go after a low-end restricted free agent (like Delonte West or perhaps, on a lark, Louis Williams).