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President's Day Footnotes

  • Can Tyronn Lue net a first-round draft pick? We'll see; that's about all Phoenix could offer (and they love giving away picks!), and they apparently want Lue to back up Steve Nash. Would they give up Atlanta's choice, now that it appears it will fall outside the lottery? Phoenix has a bountiful salary exception, so the Kings wouldn't need to take anyone back. Unfortunately, if the Suns won't give up Atlanta's pick and Geoff Petrie won't take a second-rounder, it's not happening: The Suns sent the 2008 and 2010 first-rounders to Seattle in the Kurt Thomas salary dump, and thus can't trade the 2009 pick until after he's picked and signed. If this Bibby trade ends up netting Shelden Williams, the cap space, a 2008 first in the late teens and a 2008 second in the late 40s... that becomes a helluva trade.
  • It looks like Shelden (and his friends, I suppose) won't be cleared to play until Wednesday versus... the Hawks.
  • Sam Amick linked to this neat profile of Shelden from last week. I'm trying to cobble a scouting report on the young man sometime before his debut.
  • SI's Ian Thomsen endorses Denver trading Linas Kleiza for Ron Artest. And he gets bonus points for being the first scribe not named Kelly Dwyer to consider points per possession as a team measure.
  • Joe Johnson is loving the Bibby trade.
  • My first AOL Sports column -- on what we learned (and can learn) from All-Star weekend -- is up.
  • A great post on blogs and blogging from Forum Blue & Gold.