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The Situation With Denver

Heading into the final three days of trade rumors for the season, Sam Amick lays out the parameters with regards to Denver:

The holdup remains third-year small forward Linas Kleiza, a player the Nuggets continue to attempt to hold on to in any deal for Artest. There remains a disagreement within the Nuggets' higher-ups whether Kleiza is valuable enough to lose for Artest, with coach George Karl believed to be reluctant to lose him and vice president of basketball operations Mark Warkentien motivated to acquire Artest.

I'd prefer Kleiza to Denver's draft pick. But I wouldn't shriek in horror if it were the draft pick which came back instead of Kleiza.

Of course, I'd really prefer both. Not sure that option's on the table (and, in fact, rather doubtful it is).

And if you're still of the opinion Artest should be kept, read this.