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Amick: Denver, Houston Unwilling to Trade Kleiza, Brooks

Sam Amick has an update on where things stand with regard to the assumed dance partners. Here's a slice:

According to several league sources, the Kings had recent talks with Denver and Houston pertaining to the small forward. And for now, the discussions have left both teams leaning against making a move for Artest. The formula is the same in both scenarios, with the Kings looking for a combination of expiring contracts, draft picks and - insert snag here - young talent.

Basically, Denver wants to keep Linas Kleiza and Houston wants to keep Aaron Brooks. Those are dealbreakers for Geoff Petrie.

There's a bit of new information in Amick's post too, that the Kings approached Houston about Artest and that Houston returned the call. HMM.

UPDATE: It looks like San Antonio's offer is also expirings and a pick (same link). My updated preference of the talent you assume Petrie is targetting from these three teams:

Ian Mahinmi > Linas Kleiza > Tiago Splitter > Aaron Brooks

Though if Scola comes with Brooks, it'd be hard to deny that one.

(My one problem with Splitter: You can't evaluate him until he comes over, which would be this summer at the soonest. There's also the chance he signs another big Spanish contract, a la Fran Vasquez or [possibly] Rudy Fernandez. Of course, it is moot so long as San Antonio hasn't put him on the table.)