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Deadline Day, Open Thread

Use this thread for all the deadline day chatter. I'll try to keep the body of the post updated. For instance:

Amick at 7:30 a.m.:

With the cutoff time at noon, there remains a possibility that the Nuggets relent on including Linas Kleiza and land Artest. If not, then they're bounced from the table altogether. Even if that leaves the Kings with no one to play with.

The Kings aren't trading Artest without Kleiza. It's just not happening.

He also says a Tyronn Lue deal (for a second or just trade exception cash) is likely.


This means nothing in terms of what's going on today, but it needs to be posted (via TrueHoop):

If former Hawks forward Shelden Williams was looking for a mentor, he found one in rugged Sacramento forward Ron Artest. One of the NBA's most physical and intimidating performers, Artest said he's going to take Williams under his wing and help bring out the former No. 5 overall pick's physical side. "I like him," Artest said before Wednesday's game at Arco Arena. "He knows how to play. Now I'm going to teach him a few tricks and turn him loose on some people. Because he's got the size, strength and the skills he needs to be effective. He just needs somebody to help him with the little things."


ESPN's Marc Stein doesn't think Linas Kleiza is getting traded, and therefore Artest is not going to Denver. He says there are rumblings w/r/t Philadelphia (?!).


ESPN's Chad Ford confirms the Suns rumor (Artest for Atlanta's #1 and the Kurt Thomas trade exception) is in play from Phoenix's point of view. Depending on how Bibby works out, this could be a late lottery pick. The worst it could be is #18, with it likely falling #16 or #17 (those two picks are dedicated to the East's #7 and #8 teams). If they do tumble into the lottery, the pick'd likely be in the #10-11 range. I think, as of today, I'd prefer Kleiza and Denver's pick. But this isn't a bad option.


Frank Isola of the New York Daily News mentions a possible Tyronn Lue-for-Fred Jones trade, which makes little sense because both are expiring contracts. I think the Kings would need a second-rounder back to consider this, since they have no need for either player.


Update from Amick:

It really is quiet on both ends, I'm told. And for what it's worth, the Kings folks left a pretty clear message on their way out last night that they really didn't think Artest would be moved today.


More Amick (same link):

[T]here are indications that - at the very least - the power struggle within Denver's front office continues.

And the owner's kid went to college with Linas, so there's the belief it won't happen if there are any doubts from George Karl or Mark Warkenstein.


Amick says Denver still has not relented.


Thirteen minutes until the deadline, and nothing.


Amick update:

No call from Denver. Might still be a small deal for a Tyronn Lue type or maybe one of the other new guys from Atlanta. Ron Artest will be on this team tomorrow.