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Ron: We Love You

Ron-Ron told reporters this before the Charlotte game:

"From what I've been reading in the blogs, everybody hates me, so I don't know," Artest said. "What I read in the blogs, nobody loves me."

We love you, man. I apologize for photoshopping your head into Salvador Dali paintings. From now on, only Max Ernst. Promise.*

Seriously, it's a matter of us hyperextending our brains to sort out this whole rebuild thing as an army of living room GMs. When it comes to the games, we (usually) appreciate your game and ALWAYS appreciate your effort. No one plays harder.

We might disagree when it comes to whether the team should offer you $10 million a year. But we (unanimously, I think) appreciate your effort.

* I may not be able to keep this promise. You understand, right?