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Nothing Resolved

I've been groping for meaning from Friday's game in Charlotte, and I'm struggling.

  • Francisco Garcia is frickin hot right now. The great thing about Garcia, I think, is he doesn't feel the need to toss up ridiculous 'heat checks,' something Mike Bibby always did. Garcia hasn't rushed a thing the last three games. He's been flawless.
  • Spencer Hawes' first stints are always better than his second stints. Not really sure there's anything to take from that, but yeah. He's a foul machine in the third quarter.
  • Me and Quincy Douby are ready for the Anthony Johnson experience to end. Please.
  • Beno Udrih's idea of a bad shot is a wacky lay-up attempt. This is much better than the off-balance jumper as a bad shot.
  • Brad Miller's an angry, angry man. One thing I noticed Friday: He runs a lot harder in non-transition possession changes. He was downright galloping in one sequence as Raymond Felton brought the ball up slowly. He wouldn't have went that hard in a fast break last season.
  • Shelden Williams might be shorter than Kevin Martin. There's no way he's 6'9.
  • Adam Morrison belongs in the 1970s.