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Monday Footnotes

  • It looks like the whole youth movement thing is what kept Kevin Martin on the bench so long last night. I fail to understand how the team is served by having its youngest shooting guard on the bench just because he's a starter. Unless you're going to play Quincy Douby at the two -- which you didn't for one second last night -- there's little need to sit Martin. He is part of your youth movement! Brad Miller? Not so much. (Though I understand why it's valuable to play Spencer Hawes and Miller together a little.)
  • Quote of the century from Ron Artest: "They were trying to bargain shop. They were trying to get government cheese, and I'm Kraft." What's worse: Eduaruo Najera as WIC cheese, or that Ron-Ron considers Kraft to be good cheese? We need to get our boy a gift certificate to The Melting Pot.
  • Gerald Wallace was unconscious for 13 minutes the other night. He suffered amnesia and will be out a few weeks.
  • Kevin Johnson recieved the John R. Wooden Lifetime Achievement Award over the weekend.