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John Salmons, Part 158

In light of Amick's newest piece on the plight of John Salmons, I feel I should link to this January 22 post I wrote giving my analysis of what could help keep Salmons for languishing in a (necessarily) reduced role.

Salmons needed to be more aggressive. He has not been. Reggie Theus needed to put him in for a few long stints instead of several short stints. That hasn't happened. The supporting cast needed to find Salmons early in the shot clock. They have not.

The third problem, that is understandable with Beno Udrih back in the starting lineup. Anthony Johnson has no clue what he's doing here; Quincy Douby can hardly decide who he gets the ball to -- it's a victory there isn't either a QD runner or a 24-second violation every time he brings the ball up.

So Salmons needs to go get the ball. I know he's modest, I know he's wary of looking liking a selfish me-me-me player. But he is only successful with the ball. He has to realize that. If it takes bringing the ball up while paired with Douby, then do it. Just dribble up the floor and get to your position out on the elbow and go to work. No one's going to stop you -- not QD, not Reggie, not Ron-Ron. (Well, maybe Ron-Ron.) We all know Johnny's defense is somewhere between solid and superb. But Theus cannot keep him on the floor if he's so invisible on offense. The only way to more minutes is better offensive play, and the easy way to better offensive play is more aggression.

And it still won't happen, I think. Maybe for a game or two. But Salmons isn't comfortable demanding the ball, so he won't get it with this team. You cannot ask a guy to live outside his skin, I suppose.