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Post-Apocolyptic Footnotes

  • How are those Reggie Rules going? The whole 'South Beach flu' thing, I thought, was a joke in this instance. Apparently not: "There was some question before Tuesday's game whether Ron Artest would be ready to play that night, as the Kings small forward had missed the shootaround that morning with what was deemed stomach issues and a headache." Awesome. It really was that at least one and likely more guys cared more about having a good time than getting closer to .500. Completely awesome. Glad the band stayed together.
  • A Mike Bibby poem.
  • Another thing about the South Beach flu -- who cares? It's not an excuse. The Heat were 5-27 at home before Tuesday. 27 times the opponent had all the trappings of Miami at their fingertips and still managed to beat the worst team in the league. Never mind losing by 20.
  • Can you tell I'm a little frustrated? I don't throw Guernica around lightly.
  • David Thorpe on Spencer Hawes: "Spencer Hawes continues to impress me with his scoring ability, but he hasn't shown me much else. Without a real commitment to reshaping his body -- and improving his agility -- this offseason, I worry that he won't find a place in the Kings' rotation next season." I tend to disagree a little on whether Hawes will stay in the rotation. For all the lip service paid to defense and energy by Theus, he plays guys who score (Garcia over Salmons lately, Hawes over the Williamses). Hawes can certainly score, and that alone will keep him in Reggie's good graces.